A Step Forward to Life

March 23, 2015

It wasn’t long ago when our little princess, my cousin, was so picky with her food that she only ate crispy chicken skin and lots of gravy. It’s as if it was just yesterday when she danced “spaghetti” without her full front teeth; when she’d wear her cute pink tutu’s and ballet shoes. As if the world moved too fast, she instantly turned 18! My cousin who used to love chocolates and candies now takes Cuervo shots.

The cousin I accompany to Story Land is now my drinking buddy. It’s so surreal when we talk about life and love and everything in between over beer. Damn, she grew up so fast! And she grew up well.

Maybe this is really what life is all about – growing up and growing old.

My dear cousin, do not be afraid to grow old, age comes with wisdom. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, only then you could truly say you have lived your life. Most importantly, do no be afraid to fall in love. Sooner or later, guys would try to win your heart. Because I know you’re smart, you’ll always put your head over your heart. Well, I might be damned in telling you this:  let loose. The time will come you will have to let your heart win over your head. Remember, it’s okay.

Never be afraid of pain. Time will come, somebody will break your heart. When that happens, always remember that you are strong enough to pick up the pieces to make it whole again. Pain teaches us to be strong and wise.

Without pain, you’ll grow weak. Without sorrow, you’ll never value happiness.

You’re already 18. Live your own life. Be happy. Feel the pain. Never regret anything. Never be afraid to live and to love.

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  • Reply samir March 24, 2015 at 3:16 am

    this is touching, Raj. You are a good cousin.

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