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March 14, 2015
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I know there are a lot of better beaches and places around the world we can call paradise, but Boracay is my own paradise. Here, I get the perfect mix of the beach and party vibe. I get to relax, swim, get to know people and party without any worries.

Those who say Boracay is crowded haven’t explored the island yet; and they must have visited the island at a wrong time. Here is our recent trip to Boracay, with just the right amount of sun, people and nightlife.

Patio Pacific

Every visit since 2011, we’ve always stayed at the Patio Pacific resort. They have good deals, year-round promo rates and special rates. We paid for our accomodation at the PH Travel Fair. Patio Pacific offered PHP 2,500 per person for 3D/2N stay in a quad sharing room, inclusive of daily breakfast, airport to hotel transfers and vice-versa.

Patio Pacific has an awesome pool with jacuzzi, gym and wall climbig area. Plus, it’s located few walks from the beach front and it has a back entrance along the main road. So, where ever you’re coming from, the hotel is surely accessible.

Sand, Sun and Wine

The sand and the sun always give me a different high. It sort of gives me freedom to just let a day pass without doing or thinking about anything. I always look forward to these moments where I can just lay down, sleep on the sand, drink wine or taho or shake, play volleyball and be with my awesome friends.


I really do not party in Manila. I always have this idea that Manila is for family and for work. I find it hard to let loose in this urban jungle. So only party in Boracay.

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Pub Crawl

One of my favorite activities in Boracay is the Pub Crawl. It’s always fun and different. The activities may be the same over and over again, but the people joining is different every session. More than the drinks and the dancing, the experience of meeting and talking with new people is the highlight of our nightlife. We’ve met awesome people from Russia, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Malaysia and more! It’s refreshing to talk to these people who doesn’t know you, who doesn’t judge you, who just want to make friends. Awesome, it is!

Plus the captains are super duper great! Shout out to Rizza (who I think will be pursuing her dreams, so I might not get to see her when I get back to the island), MJ, Jase, Jae, Jeps and Verge.

Here are some random quirks from the crazy friends:

I’ll never be tired of going back to this island.

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