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    A Step Forward to Life

    It wasn’t long ago when our little princess, my cousin, was so picky with her food that she only ate crispy chicken skin and lots of gravy. It’s as if it was just yesterday…

    March 23, 2015
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    Weddings & Forevers

    I’m the hopeless-romantic kind of guy. I love the idea of love, and forever and eternity and all those cheesy shit. More than anything, I love attending weddings.…

    March 23, 2015
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    Featured Life Travel


    I know there are a lot of better beaches and places around the world we can call paradise, but Boracay is my own paradise. Here, I get the perfect mix of the beach and…

    March 14, 2015
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    A Year Older and Wiser

    Birthdays are really important to me; not only to celebrate life, but to celebrate how much I've grown as a person. I just turned 24 and I'd like to believe I've grown deeper and…

    March 4, 2015
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    Featured Life

    Unhappy? Don’t Quit!

    When we ask most of our friends what to do when we’re unhappy with something or someone, they always give out a quick: QUIT! But on most circumstances, it’s really not the right thing…

    August 21, 2014