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Happy Birthday, Rocky! 

September 12, 2015

What he says, he does. He practically lives through his principles and beliefs. He is, most of the time, hard-headed. Not because he’s stubborn, but because he knows what he wants, needs and he knows his values. He’s not the most open guy in the universe, but I know his story, his hardships, his pain and all he’s gone through just to reach his dreams. He is firm. He’s a true fighter. He’s brave and courageous; not because he is all strong, but because he knows when to be strong and when to cry and get sad, and then rise up again.
I’d day he’s the most misunderstood person I know. People see him as a snob, stubborn bitch who freely expresses what he feels. Why? Because he cares a lot about people. He gets too affected with everything that’s happening around the people he cares about. And just as much as he genuinely cares, people mistake it as something dictative and imperative. On some moments, I’d just tell him to stop caring too much. And I wish he would. 

You know how people always wish to have someone who would take a fight for you? How they hope to have someone who would defend you against judgemental people even when you’re not around? Someone who would stay with you at your darkest moments and who would laugh with you at your happiest days? Well, I already have on and that’s Rocky. 

Happy happy birthday, Rocky! Thank you for always being here; for always pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves. You’ve always hated mediocrity and we’re leaping to better standards because of you. You’re always awesome, remember that.

Cheers to more adventures, shopping sessions and food trips! Happy Birthday! 

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