Hello, 2017! 

December 31, 2016

2016 was a bitch – too many fallen stars and too many faulty decisions. We can’t wait for it to end. But as we usher in a new and fresh year, we can’t help but look back and be thankful for all the good things that happened. 

We started 2016 big. We finally got our very first (fully-owned) condo/office. We officially hired people; and for the first time in the whole 5 years of MadHouseMNL, we were actually in one headquarters day in, day out for the whole of 2016. Our newly painted walls have witnessed all our struggles and our anxieties as much as it has seen all our little smiles, the joyous moments and our success. 

We closed more and more deals. We were invited to more pitches. We grew stronger together. We solved problems better. Despite 2016 fucking up the world, we want to think (not in a selfish way) that 2016 was our year – of successes and of happiness. 

We are one with those suffering, but we can’t let go of this year without a proper goodbye and a thank you. 

Thank you 2016 for making us value life even more; for making us realize that we can do good, that together we stand strong. Thank you for all the good days and the simple joys! 

Today, we usher in 2017 with much enthusiasm and optimism. Cheers to living a meaning life! 

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