I See You, For You

September 12, 2016

You’re a year older, wiser and better, but always the same Rocky I know. 

I often regard you as Mr. Misunderstood, because people don’t see you for you. And I say this everyday, every year. 

I know beyond those bitchy tones, brow raises and eye rolls, there’s a non-masungit, caring and passionate person the people can’t see. 

I get frustrated when people don’t see you, the real you. The best version of you is the one that I see everyday – who laughs non-stop, who would do eyerolls at every stupid shit, who hates when plans are changed the last minute, who don’t eat rice, who loves going out, who can’t stay at home for one whole day, who loves cats, who gets kilig over tv series and who would fight hard for friends. 

Sometimes, I even hate you for caring too much for other people who care less. The best YOU gives so much without asking for anything in return. And I hate the world for not seeing the real you.
I know you don’t talk much and you don’t easily open up to people. So I’m extremely overwhelmed when some 6 years ago, you have shown me the version of you that most people don’t see. For that, I am thankful. For the trust, I’m eternally grateful. 

Know that I am here for you, beside you, walking with you through life’s ups and downs, just like how you never left my side through all these years. Cheers to 50 more years of adventures and travels! 

Happy Birthday, Rocky! 

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