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It Was Another One of Those Nights

September 5, 2016

Random, fun and full of nothingness.

Our daily routine at work is a tiring process of production and monitoring. Not that I’m complaining. I love my job. I am in love with my job that I actually started dreaming about it, and that I take emails for breakfast upon waking up. Day in and day out, my mind is filled with concerns, plans and strategies. And it’s just a relief to have days and nights like this – with nothing to think about, to just go out and be lazy. 

It’s refreshing not to overthink if I’m actually saying the right things or if I’m doing the right smile or the gestures fit to convince. In this crazy world, being yourself is a privelege, and I’m happy to take it whenever I can. 

I live to treasure these days, when nothingness is actually a great thing. 

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