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My Summer Addiction

May 5, 2015

The summer heat is deadly and it’s so hard to dress up everyday. There are times I have the luxury of staying at home with my old, super comfy pambahays. But there are times I’d have to endure a long and hot day of meetings and work. In my effort to still look presentable despite the heat, I discovered my newest style addiction – summer loungewear.

This summer, you’ll probably see me in a summer/canvas dress shirt with few buttons open and the sleeves rolled up. I currently have 2 from H&M, 3 from Uniqlo and 2 from Bershka that I use alternately.  I pair these with bright colored beach shorts from H&M and Topman and custom made training shorts from my designer friend, Banggo Niu. And of course, I can’t leave home without my flash lenses! On some occassions, I cap off my look with a fisherman’s hat/ woven fedora.

Keeping it casual and classy under the summer heat.

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