Rogue Magnum: Happiness In A Jar

August 21, 2014

Jar of Happiness

Just recently, I was invited to try out Magnum Cafe’s newest dessert: Rogue Magnum. It is the product of Rogue Magazine and Magnum’s classy collaboration – a brainchild of no less than Chef Miko Aspiras. The dessert has been available since last week of May, but this is my first time to try this jar of happiness. I love all the sweet things, especially ice cream and I’m really thrilled to share with you my Rogue Magnum Experience.

Rogue Magnum Chef Miko

Rock bottom. Before you get too excited, you first have to understand what Rogue Magnum is made of. At the bottom of the jar are precious light cashew meringue. They act as the crust of the dessert. I call this the equalizer. Its crisp and rough texture balances out the creaminess of the whole dessert. And when the whole jar seems to sweet, your spoon would be looking for these cashew meringue to equalize the taste.

Rogue Magnum // Rock bottom: Cashew Meringue

The clouds. The next layer atop the cashew meringue — the Mascarpone Mousseline. Let’s dissect this jargon. Mascarpone is a sweet and soft cream, usually categorized as cheese (kind of cream cheese, but not really). I love cheese as much as I love ice cream, and this layers is more than enough for me. I call the Mascarpone Mousseline as the blender. Its lightness and softness blends all the flavors so well that you’ll never have to think there’s more than 5 different things in that jar. It generally makes the whole dessert easy for the tongue.

Rogue Magnum // The Clouds: Mascarpone Mousseline

The Kick. This layer has taken me by surprise! I freaked out when I overheard Chef was piping a Balsamic cream into the jar. Specifically, it is a fig-flavored crema del duca balsamic cream. I was worried. I know balsamic is nothing else than sour! I use balsamic oil on bread, but never on desserts, moreso on ice cream! How can you put a vinegar onto any ice cream? It’s almost illegal. But Chef Miko proved me wrong. The sourness of the balsamic paved the way for the dessert’s perfection! Suddenly, your tongue becomes a war zone as the sourness of the Balsamic cream battles with the sweetness, the softness and creaminess of everything in this jar. Just when your tongue is about to get overwhelmed with the sweetness, the balsamic kicks in to balance the taste. It’s so sour, but it soothes the tastebuds. This, probably, is the magic ingredient. We can’t help ourselves but keep on asking for more balsamic! You, too, can request for more!

Rogue Magnum // The Kick: Balsamic Cream

Everything Nice. The top layer is the best part. On top of the layers of meringue, mascarpone and balsamic cream are chunks of fresh strawberries, mint leaves and of course, the Magnum Bar. More than giving color, the Strawberry plays a very important role in this messy and heavenly jar. The tartness of the strawberry balances out the sourness of the balsamic and the sweetness of the mascarpone and the ice cream. The strawberries surprise you bite after bite. Atop everything dives half bar of vanilla Magnum dipped in Belgian white chocolate topped with freeze dried strawberries and almond chunks. The Magnum bar makes the whole dessert rich in texture and flavor. Its richness tickles your every tastebud.

Rogue Magnum // Toppings

So, how you do eat it? You mix everything with a spoon – which I first refused to do so. I thought mixing everything would kill the design sophistication. But according to Chef Miko, to enjoy this crazy jar, your every spoonful of Rogue Magnum must contain the ingredients all at the same time. No choice, you really have to mix it. Never worry of killing the design, because what happens next is way better. Scoop after scoop, you’ll fall in love with the balanced craziness of this heavenly, messy concoction trapped inside a jar.

Rogue Magnum // Finale

I’m writing about this dessert because I love every bit of it. And I want you too, to fall in love with it! Sadly, it’s only available for a limited time. It could be a house regular though if it tops the order list. So please, do me a favor and try it out. When you loved it as much as I did, share it with your friends. Let’s make this a regular on the menu!

Rogue Magnum

Magnum Cafe is located at the 5th floor of SM Aura
Rogue Magnum jar is priced at PHP 440 (You get your money’s worth, promise!)

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