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April 8, 2015

I always get so giddy and happy whenever I’m invited to do a talk. First, because I’ve always dreamt of talking in public since I was a kid. Second, because I feel I am doing something right for them to invite me. It validates what I do. Third, because I always get to impart a piece of what I know to the young hopefuls.

Years ago, I was on that same seat inside that room. I was hopeful. I was day dreaming that someday I can be like them. I knew how it feels to sit there and watch people talk. So now it’s my turn to talk, more than the technical stuff, I want to make sure I let them realize that whatever it is they are imagining right now, it could happen. Like what Anne Curtis woild say, “Dreams do come true”. And always remember Lupita’s Oscars speech, “Your dreams are valid!” 

Thanks for this opportunity Deng & Ms. Balita! 

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