Lazy Traveler No More

November 15, 2015

I won’t try to sound cool when I talk about my travels, because I’m not. I’m a relaxed traveler. Not quite the adventuruous type, but I want to believe I’m not boring either. I’d rather float all day in the sea, or a read a book and fall asleep on the sand, than do physical activities.

Our lastest visit to Boracay was a bit different. With some thirst to do something new and mostly because of pressure from my friends, I gave in trying some water adventures. 

First, para-sailing. And I have a huge fear of heights. I’ve been to Boracay many times but I never considered trying parasailing until now. I was promised there will be no g-force sensation when going up or down. Surely there wasn’t any! It was such a pleasurable experience. It’s like hanging on a giant swing with cool, salty breeze blowing in your face. If only I won’t fall, I’d totally sleep up there!  

Helmet Diving. I’m a huge fan of the seas, but not what’s under them. I usually panic when I see unfamiliar and creepy creatures. Add to that the complicated process of learning to stabilize, fixing your tank,  removing water in your goggles, etc. I’m an asthamtic kid and I find it hard to breathe in small spaces, what more with just a tube. So I junked the idea of diving.  

And yet again, I was forced to try Helmet Diving. I’m just thankful it’s not the real diving thing. I was hesitant since we are going 20 feet under the sea, but still gave it a try. Good thing I was able to stabilize pressure as soon as I landed on the sea bed. I was afraid my face would explore inside the helment for too much pressure. Overall, it was a fun experience! Luckily, there weren’t any strange looking creatures.   

We also tried doing ATV! It’s a bit lame though. I expected hard, mudy and rough road. We cruised through the main road towards a tower which gives a 360 view of the Boracay Island. 

I suggest you book from the guys offering along the shores, instead of booking through your hotel conceirge. Prices can slash up to 50% off during Mondays – Thursdays and they tend to be too high on weekends. 

Now I can say I’m not a lazy traveler anymore! Haha! 

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