Weddings & Forevers

March 23, 2015

I’m the hopeless-romantic kind of guy. I love the idea of love, and forever and eternity and all those cheesy shit. More than anything, I love attending weddings.

It was just days ago since my cousin finally got married and I still got all that feels and all the kilig and the love! Ahhh! That moment when they kissed and wipe each others tears, perfect! I love how they walked out of the venue in red carpet with the flower petals falling into them. In my own world, I saw the petals falling in slow motion, like the whole universe is colliding to celebrate a special kind of love formed in that very moment. It was soooo romantic!

It is during these moments that I stop and think about my dream wedding. Just the thought of it excites me. Someday, the petals will fall down on me in slow motion. Someday.

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